• Medicinal Chemistry:

    SS Rasayan has expertise in supporting Medicinal chemistry projects involving Hit generation, Hit to Lead and Lead Optimization. Our chemitry team will work directly in collaboration with the Clients and ensure comprehensive support in SAR design, SAR modification and Building block synthesis. SS Rasayan’s medicinal chemsitry expertise also includes Library design and synthesis wherein we undertake focused library synthesis in stage-wise manner;
    Stage-1: Scaffold synthesis and scale-up, library validation.
    Stage-2: Library synthesis.
    Stage-3: Analytical data approval and shipment.

  • Scaffolds:

    SS Rasayan will prepare your organic scaffolds according to your instructions and requirements.

    SS Rasayan provides multi-kilogram scale-up services of pharmaceutical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and new chemical entities (NCEs) as well as cGMP manufacturing of drug substances in cooperation with our partner company, the API and advanced drug intermediate manufacturer.

  • Intermediates:

    SS Rasayan synthesizes intermediates of research compounds and pharmaceuticals. We will prepare the requested intermediates either by following known literature procedures or synthesis protocols provided by the client. If no route to the target compound is published, our experienced chemists will design the synthesis route for the preparation of the material themselves.

  • Reference compounds:

    SS Rasayan can synthesize and characterize reference compounds of APIs and pharmaceuticals in a timely and cost-effective manner. Please feel free to request a quote from us

  • Drug metabolites and process impurities:

    SS Rasayan is experienced in synthesizing drug metabolites to speed up your ADME, toxicology and mechanism of action studies. We can also prepare your process impurities for analytical purposes and assays.

  • Process development and scale-up services include

    SSRasayan’s Process development capabilities encompass Route design and optimization for NCE’s or existing products, scale-up of multi-step procedures upto Kg quantities. We also undertake large scale purification, manufacturing of pharmaceutical raw materials and advanced intermediates for pre-clinical studies.

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